What they told you about goals is wrong!

There is no "one fits all" strategy

Results are not only a matter of willpower and discipline, but more a matter of mindset and self-acceptance.

  • Have you ever felt guilty because you didn't reach your goal even if you were really committed to it?
  • Have you ever started a new project or plan with your head full of doubts?
  • Would you like to know exactly what works for you (specifically) when it comes to achieving your desired results?



Be consistent. Get there.

Work with a personal accountability coach to reach your goals faster

Authentic approach for lasting results

I have been there. 

You start a project and spend time and energy trying with your whole self to complete it. 

You believe in it and invest all your willpower to achieve it. 

But it doesn’t work out and you have to quit. 

Then you feel confused, disappointed and keep confirming your deepest fear of not being good enough.

It’s not your fault. You are simply using the wrong approach.

I am committed to show you that there's another way to get you where you want to be.

Remove all mental obstacles

Having the right mindset will play a crucial role in achieving your goals. 

Most mental blocks are unconscious: that's why you will need the help of a professional coach to spot and eliminate them.

Finish what you start

After giving up several times, your brain might have automated the wrong behaviours. 

That's why it has became so hard to finish what you start. 

Identifying new habits that feel right for you will quickly boost your self-confidence and get you where you want to be.

Align with your true self

Your values and the beliefs you hold about yourself are the guiding light in your life journey.

In order to hold yourself accountable you need to be aware of them and use them in your favor.

Learn how with the help of a professional accountability coach.

Let me be your guide

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner® since 2007

Licensed NLP Coach and Trainer® since 2013

Certified Mental Coach

Master in HRM & Behavioural Psychology

500+ individual and corporate clients helped

​2.000+ coaching sessions held

Many people feel guilty because they are not consistent with their plans, even if they care about the outcome.

As a professional accountability coach I help them achieve their goals so that they can be proud of themselves and live a better life.

Maurizia Moltoni Sartori

Founder @ coachmaurizia

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To reach a specific goal

Six 75-minute online coaching sessions

6 Follow-up Emails 

Weekly assignments 



To learn how to achieve every future goal



To experience the power of accountability coaching

One 75-minute online coaching session 

Personality test 

Personal Accountability Online Course [7 modules]

 Coaching journeys

Ten 75-minute online coaching sessions

Unlimited Follow-up Emails

Weekly assignments 

Personal Accountability Online Course [bonus]

Personality test

Personality test

Personal Accountability Online Course [7 modules]

Weekly assignments 

Follow-up Emails 



I will send my free guide directly to your inbox now so please look in the spam folder if you don't find it.

Your privacy is extremly important to me. 

I will give you my full attention for 30 minutes. 

In this timeframe, we will identify: 

  • Your biggest problem/obstacle at the moment
  • How I can help you achieve what's important for you

You have unique needs and resources. 

That's why you deserve a custom coaching path to move from where you are to where you want to be.

I will design a specific coaching journey just for you.

Once you have chosen your coaching path, I will stand by your side and help you be consistent and motivated until you reach your goal.

Maurizia is very knowledgeable and professional. 

She can help even the most experienced managers because she has the ability to identify the biggest areas of improvement in any organization or person and she knows how to transform those areas in new strengths. She is a really talented and capable coach.

Giovanni Gritti

Executive Manager

The experience of having Maurizia as a coach was exceptional, so much that I repeated it a few times. 

She guided me gently without being intrusive: it was a real journey of self-discovery. 

She's also incredibly punctual and organized, and highly professional in this regard.

Raffaele Turra

Lead Data Engineer

Maurizia is an extraordinary coach, as she truly helps people achieve their goals.

She has a positive attitude and a concrete approach.

I will always express my gratitude for what she has done for me. The coaching path with her has changed the way I think forever and opened a new path to happiness for me.

Alessandra Balbinot

HR Advisor

The quality of Maurizia's training and coaching was excellent. The information provided was very helpful and easy to follow.

 I found it to be very helpful in dealing with people on the job and for the up-skilling of my competences. I appreciated each session.

Mauro Zanellato

Hotel Manager

Maurizia is a motivated professional trainer and coach who exhibits empathy and is able to adapt to a variety of situations.

Thanks to her, I learned the importance of listening and communicating correctly while interacting with different people. I also learned how to consider people's needs as a priority both in my personal and professional life. After my coaching journey with her I know how to create and share happiness.

Giada Stevanin

HR Generalist

Due to work requirements I decided to start a coaching plan with Maurizia. 

The coaching journey was intense and touched many parts of my life, both professionally and personally. 

After the journey with her I am now a more balanced person. But most importantly, I've learned to understand what my needs are, and I try to meet them every day. 

Sandro Cerato

Accountant and Publicist 

Business tax consultant

 The experience of some customers

Maurizia Moltoni Sartori

Founder @ coachmaurizia